Unlock the power to transform your Bullhorn data

Check out our data management playbook to learn how you can increase candidate redeployment and utilisation rates, generate quality AI outputs, enable successful automations, and create insightful reports.

Deliver a more personal experience

Automatically standardise the formatting of first names and last names when a candidate is added to Bullhorn.

Ensure calls & texts go through smoothly

Automatically apply a fix to dialling codes that makes calling clients and candidates easy.

Discover unsearchable candidates in Bullhorn

Find candidates who have no data in Bullhorn so that no potential talent slips through the cracks.

Overcome Bullhorn's default 50% commission split

Change the default commission split and apply custom math calculations to commissions on Bullhorn placements.

Find and merge duplicate records in Bullhorn

Automatically merge candidate, contact, and company records in Bullhorn.

Complete and clean up address fields in Bullhorn

Scan addresses in Bullhorn and clean, format and complete them with ease!

Keep candidate statuses up to date

Automatically update the status of a candidate based on relevant activity.

Manage visibility of files in Bullhorn

Automatically set files as private in Bullhorn if they match desired criteria or specific file type.

Automatically keep job statuses up to date

Update the status of a job following activity such as shortlists, interviews, or CV/resume sends.

Keep candidate ‘date available’ up to date

Automatically populate the availability of the candidate based on their placement end date. 

Update candidate data to improve your search results

Add skills to candidate records using information contained within the job when their placement ends.

Automate assignment credential requirements

Reduce the risk of placed unqualified candidates by automatically adding credential requirements based on job, client, and location.

Automatically assigning job priority

Give your recruiters a ready-made list of priorities so they know where to focus their efforts.

Copy key info from parent to child companies

Ensure consistency by copying essential information such as invoice format or payment terms.

Auto-assign candidates to recruiters

Improve the candidate experience and boost submission rates by ensuring all candidates are assigned to a recruiter.

Pinpoint and manage outdated job records

Automate the management of job records so your consultants can focus on the most relevant leads.

Copy data between entities

Automatically copy information such as bill rates, industry values, or credential requirements,  from company records to associated records.

Auto populate job requirements

As soon as a job is created in Bullhorn, automatically copy requirements from the opportunity to the job.

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